Another Reason for My Motto

From July 3, 2007

Motto: ‘I despise the pleasure of pleasing people that I despise.’ – Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

A few years ago I heard about a lawsuit taking place in Europe against Microsoft. The crux of it was the inclusion of the Windows Media Player meant that other players like Real or Sonique weren’t used as often. This begs me to ask the question: how is user stupidity really Microsoft’s fault. I will admit that being Microsoft, they probably played on that stupidity. Be that as it may, it’s not like people could not go out and get other players, especially if they are trying to view a media clip in another format.

Another stupid dispute got my attention and forced me to comment on it. I read an article today about Universal Music’s contract negotiations with Apple. The article said that the company is upset about the monopoly that Apple has with itunes and ipods. They’re gunning for getting Apple to make ipods compatible with other music services. This makes me think of another question. Why should they?

One of the greatest selling points about the ipod is ease of use. You spend ten seconds downloading a song from itunes – plug in your ipod – and less than a minute later you have your music ready to go. I’ve owned another mp3 player before – and it was horrendous. That one really was a ‘plug and pray’ device. If you even looked at it funny it would fail on a file transfer. This is probably why I love my ipod so much – IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

The article commented that the people that usually have ipods have no problem with itunes – they’re addicted – I believe is what the article said. It made the point that Universal’s seemingly belligerent attitude regarding this matter would probably do them more harm than Apple. I agree.

Another sore spot for the record company was the flat rate pricing for songs. One comment made my an anonymous source said that they feel they should be allowed to charge more for popular songs and less for more obscure songs. WHY? I work hard for my money – I really like the idea of being able to download a song without worrying that I’m going to be paying five dollars for it. Stupid greedy corporations. All that’s going to accomplish is increasing piracy of their music. I for one would not buy someone from a universal artist if they pull their contract with Apple – I will just have to look for it on other nonpay sites – OOOPS did I type that out loud????? 

My vote goes for Steve Jobs and Apple in this matter. I’m glad that they insisted on the flat fees. While I will be reconsidering my consumption of Universal artists music – I am more tempted to by another Apple product – waiting for the Iphone up here in Canada – 

I guess that’s just my rebellious side rearing its head.

Ciao. Sabrina



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