Call Me One of Mom and Dad’s Lame Friends

From April 26, 2010


Kids have perfected the “Tch” of disgust from years of dealing with their parents interaction.  For many years parents are this entity called Mom and Dad, but one day that happy bubble bursts and we learn that there is more to them than that, most times to our detriment – or at least our embarrassment.  Who doesn’t recall the first time there’s a gathering of friends and alcohol is involved.  Out come the jokes that adults find hilarious, but kids can only scratch their heads at, thinking ‘that was sooooo lame.”


Today I realized I am in the adult crowd rather than the kid crowd.  Thirteen years its taken me, but I think I’m finally there and realized it only because of a conversation between several colleagues at work on Saturday.  They weren’t talking about anything to do with my observation above, in fact they were talking about the benefits vs. pitfalls of renting versus owning your home.  One of the two mentioned his kids.  This was not the first time that he’s talked about them but he doesn’t seem like a dad.  He seems like a contemporary of mine, far too young to be a parent, n’est pas?


This simple conversation that I wasn’t even involved in made me realize that I am on the other side of the parent-child line now.  I would be the one laughing at the lame jokes while kids looked on in confusion.  Half of the time I feel like I am too young to have even finished high school, so how the hell did I end up in a position to potentially be labeled ‘one of mom and dad’s lame friends?’


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