I Love My Job

From June 28, 2007


OK, be honest now, how many people can actually say that? I’m not saying that everything is roses all the time. Sometimes when you have to tell someone that sorry you can’t have access to your own money and they start laying out the sob stories it’s a little old and sometimes heartbreaking. However, for every one of those you get at least ten people that are so thankful that you could just give them their balance or help them sign into online banking.

I know that I’m not curing the world of hunger, helping to fight a deadly disease, or anything like that. But hey, money makes the world go round, and answering a simple question about the amount of money someone can take out at an ATM can help. Maybe that person just needs that extra twenty dollars and that’s what will help them cure AIDS or something.

Overly dramatic I know . . . LOL but that’s me.

Usually we hear the phrase the Grass is always greener on the other side until you get there. Well sometimes it actually is greener. I worked at this loathsome company for six years before I started working at RBC. It was an American company, dealing with American clients and customers. We were just treated like a number. That company talked employee appreciation, but screwed you over every chance you got. It was horrible. Then even if you were doing your job to the best of your ability, far outstripping the average, unless you were a major kiss ass you never got anywhere. It was really stupid.

I had wanted to work for RBC for a long time and kept applying without hearing anything. I got a call once a couple of years ago, and got an interview but I think that had more to do with connections. In any case I didn’t get the job then. And I was quite certain when I reapplied this last year that I wouldn’t get it now – given that I had done everything in my power to lose my last job.

Long story made medium length. THEY HIRED ME. From the first day I couldn’t believe how happy everyone seemed. They didn’t seem like trolls the minute they walked into the building. I must admit that this is only my second full time job ever – but I never laughed so hard in my life as when going through training. And even now, being back on the phones for two months I still love it.

And today I learned that I now have a day shift – something that I haven’t had since training – WOO FRICKING HOO

This is why I love my job and my bank.

Ciao- Sabrina


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