Nightworld Vol. 2 – L.J. Smith

On an upbeat note, one can positively say that each of the stories in the Night World series is significantly different that you do not feel like you’re reading the same thing repeatedly.  On the downside however is the fact that Smith insists on writing about vampires and how they fall in love with humans, thus jeopardizing the lives of those they love.  All right, not just humans, but rather people of the Night World are falling in love with humans.


This book has three different stories: Gillian’s story about her Dark Angel which makes her overcome her shyness and therefore land the boy she’s been dreaming about, who also happens to be her soulmate.  The second story deals with Rashel Jordan, a vampire hunter whose soulmate happens to be a vampire.  And the third story discusses Hannah Snow and reincarnation so she could be with Thierry Descouedres, her soulmate.


For the most part, Smith writes of vampires who are undead humans with supernatural abilities.  I see a huge problem with this, even in Smith’s own world.  We the reader receive an explanation of how the first vampire was created.  Maya uses the blood of village babies to make herself immortal, and thereafter has to drink blood to remain alive.  She cam make others vampires by exchanging blood with them, and any children that she has (the lamia, or born vampires who can age) will also have to drink blood.  This reminds me very much of Voldemort and the lengths he went to to obtain immortality.  Surely, if killing babies doesn’t maim, or destroy the soul, what would. Especially when that killing is for such selfish gains.  So how can a vampire possibly have a soul?


I should stop reading teen vampire books, this might solve my frustration, but it will not answer my question about why people suddenly think vampires need to be romanticized.  In Smith’s books, like in Twilight, and even in the Sookie Stackhouse books, there is a lot of talk about love and sex.  Does it not disgust people to think that these are essentially reanimated dead bodies?  Its another version of necrophilia, but suddenly its OK?  Um, no.


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