Omni: Madness of Tobias Sinclair

August 16, 2011

The Madness of Tobias Sinclair 

So much for not writing any more fan fiction.  But in my defence this is sort of a continuation of the Harry/Ginny story line I’ve been working on for a while, and a bit of a bridge to the Lily Potter stuff that’s coming in future.


Without giving away the whole plot, what I feel confident won’t change is the central them: love and loss and the things that we do for and because of them.  It centers around Harry’s search for a murderer who does not differentiate killing Muggles from killing witches and wizards.  In his search he comes to find that he and this murderer are not as different as he first thought.


I was excited about this story, as I always am at the very beginning, and so have decided to post the first part of chapter one.  It can be read here.


I’ve also updated the Demons and Shadows page.  Though the later stories won’t precisely be following the initial storyline of Harry and Ginny’s battle to find a way to be together, it does continue on with my story lines.  I’m not even sure anymore how many stories there will be, so I’d encourage you to check back frequently.


Happy reading, and look forward to your feedback!


Now I’m off to put pen to paper again.




2 thoughts on “Omni: Madness of Tobias Sinclair

  1. I’ve never written fan fiction but it’s fun to get involved with, I’ve certainly considered it. The Potter universe is pretty rich, there’s so much material to pull from. I like your plot outline, anyways, it sounds like there’s going to be a lot of intrigue and twists!

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