Omni: Peverell Prophecy

October 16, 2007

The Tale of Snevanter

About the Title “The Tale Of Snavanter”, ask not, I beg you!  As you can see with the title, I myself don’t even care for it. It’s more a placeholder until I can come up with something halfway decent. This particular story is one that I am in the very early stages of developing. I will not say what it is about, lest I should give away some of the subject matter. However, let it be said that it is not a wholly original story, and that I am looking very forward to writing it given certain information that was presented to the world this summer.  Have fun, until next time.



Update: (August 9, 2009) – Snevanter, I ask you?  What the hell was I thinking?


October 18, 2007

The Peverell Prophecy: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

When I finished writing All You Need Is Love I did not think that I would write another Harry Potter fan fiction, even though the one that I was originally going to write is not the one that I did write. However, I was doing research on another story that I was thinking of writing and came across these files in my computer and felt suddenly, especially after all of the new and juicy information in Deathly Hallows, that I need to write this story.

So I am in the process of rereading the seven books, and thinking about what I actually want to happen in this story, and I’ve got all kinds of ideas now, it’s great. To be honest, even though it was only a few hours ago, I can’t even remember where the ideas started. It’s rather cool, I love it. And now I am totally enthusiastic about writing this story, something that I am not feeling for my own writing. It’s excellent.

In fact, I have to be at work in five hours and have not yet slept, but can’t seem to shut off the tide of ideas that are currently rolling (pardon the pun JKR) in.

Off to write these ideas down before I forget them.

Until later,

October 18, 2007

Update 1

Especially with computers these days, nothing is set in stone, or I suppose a more fitting pronouncement is that it is not typeset yet. However, I am rather partial to this title. I seem to have this huge affinity for alliteration, it’s become almost a compulsion with me.In any case, I’m sitting here, getting background information for my story, and reading other fan fictions, and I have ideas just pouring out of me. I love it. Whether any of these will actually come to play in the final draft, that remains to be seen.  Hope to start writing this one before the end of the month, we’ll see how research goes.  Ta-Ta For Now

Update: Monday, April 12, 2010: Just in case anyone is wondering, this is the new title for that stupid Tales of Snevanter story previously posted.

October 22, 2007

Update 2: Maybe Things Are Going Too Well

My current “project” is a new Harry Potter Fan Fictions entitled “The Peverell Prophecy. After finishing the last one, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to write another one, but this idea came to me and I knew that I needed to write it.

THere’s a lot of background information that I need to get from the books, which means that I have to reread them. I love the books so it’s not as if I’m not enjoying having to do it, yet I’ve read them at least a dozen times each, and recently said that I thought I was “pottered out.” It’s actually really funny anyway, because before getting lost in JKR’s fabulous world, I can hardly ever remember exactly why I love the books so much. Yet, each time I read them I remember exactly why I have read them so much. This time is no different.

It’s rather funny though. I have a general idea of what’s going to happen in this story, but I’m trying to work it in so that it fits with the Harry Potter books (because this story is not specifically about Harry) and am finding that as I read great huge bursts of inspiration are washing over me. It’s great. To be honest I’d rather have that than having to sit in front of a blank computer screen watching that cursor flash for minutes on end. THe only problem now is finding the time to finish reading Goblet of Fire and the other three books, and then organizing my ideas into a cohesive story.

This is why I have to say, thank god that it’s Monday. It’s actually my Friday, so I have two days off to try and finish the other three books, and start writing. It’s a daunting, but highly enjoyable, task.

Ciao, and happy Monday everyone.


October 30, 2007

Update 3

I really have to stop setting goals for myself. It’s like I rebel at the structure. I had a goal of trying to at least get started writing this story by the end of this month. I am wondering if I’ll even have finished reading the books by then. I am currently reading Deathly Hallows, and am about halfway through it, so I may finish tonight, but even so, I was hoping that these days off I would be able to scour the HP lexicon and accioquote for more information. From the sounds it looks like I’ll only be able to do that tomorrow. Ah well, such is life.

November 16, 2007

Update 4

EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSS!!!! Sorry about that.  Now that you’re deaf, here’s my exciting news.  I finished chapter one of Peverell Prophecy.  True it’s in a rough form and can still use some polishing, even after I’ve been over it twice.  But that means only about forty-five more chapters to go.  It’s going to be a bumpy and frustrating, but oddly satisfying ride I’m sure.  Feel free to check out chapter one here.

November 21, 2007

Update 5: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

You know, I’m in the very early stages of writing The Peverell Prophecy, a story in which (as it’s title blatantly states) concerns prophecy.  This has got me thinking about fate versus choice.

The common argument is that it has to be either that we have a fate or we have free will.  I understand this argument reasonably well.  But as of late I have been pondering the question of self-fulfilling prophecies and how they relate to fate.   In this particular story that I’m writing, the characters have a fate that’s laid out for them, but they do not become complacent (what kind of story would it be if they did that?) and wait for their fate to approach.  No. they disregard the prophecies, for there are two, and come to fulfill the prophecy.  In this case, their choices fulfill their fates, and the prophecy.

I, as I write this post, come to wonder if choice and fate are really mutually exclusive, just as I wonder why Evolution and Creation have to be mutually exclusive (however we’ll leave the science-religion rant for another post, shall we?).  Perhaps we don’t necessarily have just one fate, if indeed we have fates at all.  Maybe our lives are all one great “Choose Your Own Adventure” story (remember those?) that we go through, and any of a number of fates await us.

Wow, that’s deep man!  :).

Fate Is The Result Of Our Choices.

bon nuit,


November 27, 2007

Update 6: Conceit:  A Help or A Hindrance?  

I don’t honestly know if conceit is even the right word that I’m looking for.  Perhaps it’s pride.  However, I was reading over some of my new story – specifically chapter three – and I am quite impressed with it.  There are a few lines in there where I had to stop and think – wait a minute did I write that?  So I suppose the old proclamation that you get better with practice and experience isn’t codswallop after all :D.

I did post chapter one of the story, but I don’t think that I’m going to post any more until it’s done, or I’ve got at least half of it done, like I did with All You Need Is Love.  The thing is, even now I’m reading back the first chapter of All You Need Is Love and there are a few tiny blips in there that I don’t think should be now I’ve finished writing the story.  Some foreshadowing that seems a little off.    Thus, my reasoning is that I’ll have a better idea of how much of my outline I’m actually going to have in the story.  To quote Galadriel “Even the wise cannot see all ends.”

That’s not to say that I’m wise. Then again,  I suppose I’m omniscient when it comes to my story, so, what the hell, I’m wise.

Ciao lovely people,



December 3, 2007

 Update 7

Progressing well, but slowly – lots of editing needed

December 9, 2007

Update 8

I have since changed my mind and decided that I’m not going to post chapter by chapter – at least not until I’m well into this story. I think it’s going to take me untold amount of months to write and as I am not really far enough into the story to quite know the feel of it yet (if that made any sense) I don’t feel it’s the right time to put up the chapter. I’ve already changed a good portion of the first chapter, fleshed it out a little more I think. Anyway, I’ll continue to update as usual. Probably about once a week as seems to be the case here. Thanks for your patience, wish me luck.

January 1, 2008

Update 9

I cannot believe that it’s the new year already! 2007 just seemed to fly by. It was some time in October when I first started reading the Potter books again and extracting the important information that I would need to write this fiction. I suppose I’ve made some progress. I am currently working on chapter six. Yet it feels like I have been slacking. So my New Year’s resolution is to write a little everyday, even if it’s just a page worth, not to let days and days go by where I don’t scratch out a single thing. Maybe by the spring I’ll be done. HAAAAHAAA!! It took me about four months to write All You Need Is Love and that’s a much shorter story.

January 21, 2008

Update 10

I had originally decided to post the Peverell Prophecy as I wrote it. Then I changed my mind and removed the first chapter, deciding not to post until the full story was finished. Well, I am back to the first decision. I have posted the first chapter again if you so desire to read it. I will warn that as I am still writing I can’t guarantee that there won’t be changes, but I prefer to have the stuff out there, so that it’s not just in my head. Enjoy, please.


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