Shania Twain And Her Annoying Message

From September 24, 2008

Since I only have a few days before I have to go back to work I’m sing the time off to my full advantage and writing.  When I write during the day I need music to help me concentrate.  This is where my ipod comes in handy.  There’s nothing like 10,000 of your favorite songs at your fingertips.  I just set it to play my songs and I’ll be good for 40 days or something like that.


I should tell you now my music library is eclectic.  I have everything from Beethoven, Handel, Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninov  to The Beatles, the Distillers, Radiohead, Mase, LL Cool J, and so forth.  One of the artists I have on my ipod is Shania Twain an I just finished listening to her song Any Man Of Mine.  I have a few problems with this song.


FIrst of all, I will admit its a good song in terms of the hook – its catchy and such, but I take issue with the message in the song.


Women have been wanting equality for decades now and then out comes this song talking about how a woman can do all sorts of things and the man just has to put up with that.


“I can be late for a date, that’s fine

But he better be on time”


No it isn’t fine.  Turnabout is fair play.


Yes, I’m totally overreacting, but I find a lot of the stupid stuff women do annoying.


The silent treatment thing . . . men are really not psychic.  If you have a problem with something they did – tell them.  Don’t get pissed off because they don’t know what you’re mad about.  That just increases the drama unnecessarily.


The other thing, or one of the other things, that annoys me about women is that stupid trick that some will pull asking a man if he thinks another woman is good looking and then they get mad if he doesn’t say no.  If you don’t want to know what he really thinks – DON”T ASK!


I really think that relationships should be an open two-way communication.  One person should not be left guessing what answer they should give.  If the question is asked they should feel free to give an honest answer.


OK, let me clarify this just a little bit.  I do not mean that we should all go around being brutally honest in relationships.  But I also don’t think we should be lying.  Doesn’t that set a bad precedent?  I think that if it is a matter of sparing someone’s feelings, well that’s another matter (the ‘do these jeans make me look fat’ type question which women shouldn’t be asking in the first place).


Perhaps this is why I’m not in a relationship now – well other than the fact its my choice.  I can’t stand the sexual politics that go on.  I think that more honesty can only be a good thing.


Of course that’s just my opinion.  I could be wrong!

– Dennis Miller





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