The Abusers: And I Wonder Why I Can’t Get Any Writing Done

From Ausut 18, 2008


I feel old!


I think it is true that your reflexes start to go as you age.  Then again, maybe it’s a practice thing.


On Saturday evening, when I had planned to write or work on Episode fifteen of BriCast the two kids from next door (Kia and Aaron) came over.  It was sort of cool having people to play Rock Band with but they’re psychotically good.


I also have to admit that I enjoyed myself immensely – so much so that I almost passed out laughing.  Aaron decided he needed to sing I think I’m paranoid – by Garbage.  I can’t recall for laughing how bad that was – but he was just hamming it up to the nth degree.  I was playing drums at the time and nearly fell off the bench.  Oh My God!


As Norm usually quotes: “The art of comedy is making people laugh without making them throw up. – Steve Martin”


I say, who needs drugs when you can just get laughing so hard that you feel woozy.


A note on the name – we are The Abusers due to the way we butchered – or abused – the poor songs.


Oh, one more thing.  No Autographs!!





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