The Vampire Diaries Vol. 1 & 2 – L.J. Smith

“It is a truth universally accepted that” the best writing starts off as a novel, or a novella, or a short story.  In short, the best and most original ideas usually come from books not from television.  It should hardly be surprising then that with the vampire craze started by Anne Rice, and put into overdrive by Twilight, that older stories are now being turned into movies and television shows.  One such is the Vampire Diaries.  I’d never heard of this book or series until the television show came out, and only then heard of it because a friend of mine was commenting on how stupid she thought the show would be.


I watched said television show and liked it (particularly because the actor who plays Damon is hot).  And as with many other things that I enjoy, this gave me the urge to read the book.  I have now completed the first novel, which contains the first two stories.


I will be completely honest in saying that at first I didn’t enjoy the book.  The very first in the series didn’t seem to have much of a plot.  I still hold to that, but I can now see how well Smith set up the second story in the first.  The second story I enjoyed much more, particularly because there was more Damon in it, but that was not the only reason.  The first story spends a great deal of time on Elena’s antics to get Stefan to notice her.  If I were a teenage girl I might enjoy that more, but I’m not so I don’t.  The second story, by contrast, delves more into vampire lore – introducing vervain, a plant that can help to protect from the vampire’s hypnotism, and so forth.  And here as well, we are introduced to the idea that a vampire has to be invited into the home.  I assume that this old tradition in the lore is predicated on the idea that your home is your sanctuary, but I can’t be sure.


A persistent need to read every book in a series, no matter how bad, would have me finish this series anyway, but after the end of the second volume I can say I’m looking forward to it.


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