The Whole Truth – David Baldacci

From September 22, 2010

Apart from the fact that it was a little longer than I thought it needed to be, I enjoyed The Whole Truth.  There are two things that made this an interesting read for me.  The first is the idea that masses of people can be so easily manipulated.  The second, the fact that I had never heard of David Baldacci until I got this book, and then I saw him on a 9/11 conspiracy documentary.  How cool.


Conspiracy stories are definitely their own sort of drama.  We read them to see how the good guys triumph over the bad guys – as evidenced by the success of Dan Brown’s books.  As such, it is hardly surprising to see that good triumphed over evil in this story, but it does lead one to question whether technology is such a good thing.  One arms dealer who wanted to bring the world to a cold war, merely had to start circulating a video of one dead – or presumably dead – Russian for the rest of the world to react?  That hardly seems logical, does it?  One would think that there would be someone out there who could get to the bottom of this – especially when there are so many really good hackers out there.


I would personally love to see a story in which the people starting the conspiracy aren’t stopped in the end.  There’s a conspiracy for a really good reason – i.e. aliens exist and the government is just trying to protect us, or something similar.


That’s my two cents.


I must make one last point before ending this blog post: I’ve only read this one book of Baldacci’s, but I would love to read more about Shaw.  He was awesome!


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