The Woman In Black – Susan Hill

From October 5, 2010


I think I must thank Daniel Radcliffe for choosing such interesting non-Harry Potter roles because I’ve been introduced to some very interesting reads, the latest being Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black.  I chose to read this story not only because a movie is being made, but because it sounded interesting.


I will admit that my knowledge of Susan Hill and her story was negligible when I took my sojourn to get the book today, but that served it better.  Since I didn’t know anything more than that it was a scary story, I kept turning the pages to see what happened, and within a few hours I was done.  It seems that more authors today are concerned with the technical complexities of their plot, and that detracts from the story they are trying to tell (Dan Brown and Audrey Niffenegger’s Time Traveler’s Wife come to mind).  Hill, on the other hand, writes in a fluid style, and though there are a few instances where she jumps around in time, the author is never lost.  What is more, though we know almost from the start how the story is going to end, it doesn’t detract from the journey – which I love.


Maybe it is the innate Britishness of the book (I can feel a lot of Austen and Stoker as well as Dickens in it) that I love, or the fact that it was actually scary, but I have not loved a book this much in a long time.  I admit that I wasn’t initially scared, but now that I am sitting here typing this commentary, I tell you that I am dreading turning around for fear that there might be someone standing behind me.


Psychological thrillers are the best!


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