They Like Me, They Really Like Me

From January 6, 2009

I must stop drawing comparisons to myself and J.K . Rowling.  Contrary to the fact that I am unabashedly obsessed with Harry Potter and joke about being the next great author I know I don’t compare to her.  Despite this though I think I understand some of what she felt over the reaction of the series.


I’ve read J.K. Rowling was emotional when she finished writing Deathly Hallows.  It was the culmination of seventeen years work.  I could not imagine how it felt to finish something that she loved so much, and to remember everything that she’d been through when writing and creating the series.  I felt a small sense of what that must have been like when I finished writing All You Need Is Love in 2007.  I know what I felt cannot possibly compare with what JKR felt, but to say its a good feeling would be the understatement of the decade.


While we all hope that people will like what we write, I think it might be more common than not for writers to be insecure about what they’ve written.  At least I should say they feel insecure about the reactions others have to their stories.  We have these characters rolling around in our heads for months or years and they become friends to us writers.  It would be heart wrenching to hear that people can’t stand one we’ve come to love.  How overwhelming must it have been for JKR when people started to really love the series, and to make demands about what should happen with the characters.  One of the things I love about my favourite author is that she stood firm and didn’t let fan demands influence the way she wrote the series.  This could have been very dangerous but obviously worked out well because it was a good story.  I’m sure she appreciated the praise though.


Praise, the real reason that I am writing this post.  We all love to be told that we’re doing a good job.  If you need to be buoyed by praise, write fan fiction.  It seems that all the comments you get are about how much people love the story.  I’m not adverse to that at all yet I wish that there was more constructive criticism . . . I guess we can’t have it all.


I made the most amazing discovery today though.  When perusing Sink Into Your Eyes and viewing my profile I saw that 24 people have me listed as favourite author.  I’m not totally besotted by the idea that anyone cares about my writing, but I am a little flattered.  I started writing the fan fictions because I had read some and was inspired to start writing again.  Harry Potter is like crack though and you can never get away once it pulls you in.  This one shot deal at writing a fan fiction became two when I decided I needed to go back to my original idea, a Marauder era fiction.  Once I wrote that story then I was done I told myself.


There isn’t much drama because we all know now that I am in the middle story of a trilogy that started with All You Need Is Love. I’ve got nothing but good praise for this story so far, and I have to say i am liking it.  I don’t know if people will like me much at the end of the story, but I’m having a great time writing it.  It has taught me a lot about writing, which was the point.


In short, I cannot believe that something I was doing as a learning exercise, and posting online for that very purpose, has garnered praise.  It astounds me that people actually like what I’m writing.  I hope that they will continue to like the original works that I eventually plan to write.


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