Winnipeg Construction Season

From June 26, 2007

I once read on Facebook that Winnipeg has four seasons, Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Construction. I must admit that I have to agree. Sick as it is I don’t really like summer. Well OK that’s not entirely true. I like summer for the fact that we don’t have to bundle up in fifteen layers of clothes to check the mail. I hate when it’s blazing hot and so humid it’s raining without a cloud in the shy.

But there is one plus that none of the other seasons have. That is THUNDERSTORMS. We never get enough of these glorious dangers of nature for my liking. But here we’ve had wicked thunderstorms the last three nights. It’s absolutely fabulous. The great experience has been that over the last two nights I’ve actually already left work when they start. There’s nothing like having to sit at work, away from the damned window now, and endure the enticing sounds of Thunder rolls, and the occasional flash of lightning when you cam peak around your cubicle.

What’s not to love about the blinding streaks of bright blue-white light that cascade across the sky? About the crashing sound that’s so loud it causes your pictures to rattle on the walls, and your heart to race at the suddenness of it’s onset? Worrying about whether we will get to see the live action version of the Wizard of Oz? Who doesn’t love that?

I like horror movies – but those cam be damned – give me a good Thunderstorm – preferably without Tornadoes, but a funnel cloud here or there would be nice.

Off to enjoy our superb stormy weather.

Ciao – Sabrina


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