Chosen & Untamed – P.C. & Kristin Cast

Forgive me for this review which is written even more poorly than usual.  I have just simply jotted down some of my thoughts pell mell.  You must understand that I couldn’t even take enough of a break between reading the third and fourth books in the House of Night series to write down my thoughts.  So rather than trying to rehash them in two separate posts, I am going to do something unheard of on this site and write about them together.


First off, how can I not love a series that talks about Harry Potter in a semi-good light (well, OK, it does make reference to those who read it as being dorks, but as that’s true I don’t have much else to say on the matter).  Like my beloved Potter this story is steeped heavily in the classics and other mythologies – Hello!  They worship the Goddess Nyx!


Chosen continues to focus on two big story lines that were set up in Betrayed (the second novel of the series): Neferet’s evil ways, the dead-undeadness of Zoey’s best friend Stevie Rae, and the love triangle that has arisen between Zoey, her human ex-boyfriend Heath, Erik Night, and the House of Night poet laureate, Loren Blake.


At first I thought that Neferet’s attempts to discredit Zoey seemed really far-fetched.  What possible reason could an adult have for discrediting a child, I thought.  Then I remembered Order of the Phoenix.  And, in the second place, what was I thinking?  Adults are constantly trying to discredit children.  Things that kids come up with can be really outlandish, but that doesn’t meant that they are always untrue.  Zoey is an exceptional fledgeling and thus, like Harry Potter, needs to have doubt sown into the minds of those would would otherwise believe her.


Here are a few other thoughts that I might expound on later:


  • Stevie Rase, the new red vamps.  They should have died but didn’t.  The bringing back of Stevie Rae’s humanity – Deus Ex Machina?  I think a lot of this story is.  But that’s also what makes it kind of cool.


  • The love triangle and the actual sex?  Seemed stupid in the first books with all of this “I’m still a virgin crap” but then it paid off because it was a big deal to her and she just gave it away so easily – shows his power over her and her real innocence.  It was cool.  I really hope this Heath Crap is over with because I can’t stand him.  I think that my vote was for Erik – he’s awesome.  Oh and I want to say that I thought there was something up wiht Loren and Neferent – not htat they were together but at least that he might have been stationd there as some sort of a lookout.  One of the annoying things about the romance is that everyone is attracted to Zoey – WTF?  yes she’s unusual but its getting insane already.


I like the Aphrodite story.  No she’s not going to totally change her colours, but understanding what her parents are like gives some interesting back story to her.  She can be decent and do the right thing, but it doesn’t mean that she’s goign to be totally pleasant about it.


HP and HoN both take the idea of being marked to a physical sense – the vamps wiht their crescent moon tattoos and HP with his scar.  That’s really cool.


The yard stick for all fantasy for me is HP.  The Twilight saga barely registered an inch on that yard stick in terms of plot development, character development, and interest.  Yes they were a nice four day diversion, but there was no substance to them at all – like eating junk food but for the mind.  This series, like Harry POtter, just gets better and better with each book.  The first was good, the second better, the third was so good that I had to jump right into the fourth and now I am pissed that I didn’t by the fifth when I had the chance.  I will be doing that straight away.


I like the religious aspects in here more so than in HP.  Yes in DH we have the death and resurrection which is a huge Christian theme (obviously), but other than that, religion isn’t much discussed.  In the HoN series religion is a huge part of the story.  Nyx has appeared to Zoey several times, and then we have the native American aspects which I find absolutely fascinating – and they seem to be getting more pronounced in the later books.


There are things that I don’t like – some of the ideas that real life actors and the like are all vamps – that’s just strange.  Although it would account for some of their odd behaviour!  I also don’t like some of the really cheesy dialogue or simplistic resolutions to certain conflicts.  In the third book particularly the climax was very Deus Ex Machina,  I suppose, however, that the resolutions I find most simplistic are the ones for teenage drama which usually does have resolution.  The introduction of the High Priestess of all Priestesses seemed stupid at first until I realized that Zoey needed to eel safe and protected and then to have that taken away, at the same time she lost her grandmother – it was the same reason Dumbledore had to die.  The hero/heroine always has to go on their own.


I also really enjoy Zoey.  In the Twilight series I really just wanted Bella to go away and die – but Zoey is really enjoyable.  She’s powerful, funny, and generally likeable (too much in the case of men).


It was on chance that I bought the first book in the series, but I am so very glad I did.  It seems that pure fluke brings me to stories that I enjoy the most.  I hope that never stops.


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