Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.


Surprisingly, the first series of True Blood was very similar to it’s source material.  So much so that I feel my time was completely wasted by reading the book.  Well, OK, not completely wasted, but pretty near.  The best thing that I can say for the book is that it allowed me to reflect more on plot development.  Knowing the story as I did, it was neat to see where Harris developed certain aspects of her characters and story.


Now having read the book, I can see obvious problems with the story as developed in the HBO show.  The first is the end scene.  Sookie and Rene have their battle in the middle of the night, not in the middle of the day.  She is able to fend off her attacker herself, without the help of vampire Bill (a totally southern red neck name if ever I’ve heard one).  The fact that he is there and at least tries to assist only weakens her character.


While on the topic of Sookie’s character, I might add that in the book she’s always weeping, whereas in the show she’s always screaming,  I think that both reactions are overdone.  Sure there will be moments when she is going to cry or weep, but not over every little thing.


The revelation of Sam’s shape-shifting abilities were a little weak in the book, I thought.  Yes, the scene played out almost exactly the same from page to screen, but in the book Sookie seems to accept it at once, no questions asked.  That, I think, is completely implausible.  I do, however, like the fact that the show kept it accurate and had the dog there throughout the whole season.  That, at least, was accurate to the book.


Now having read the book, I wonder why it is that they felt the need to add Tara to the story.  Perhaps she becomes important in the later books, but I can’t see why she’s important now.


Allowances must be made for the fact that this is the first book in the series.  I find in any successful series, the first book is usually not the best, therefore I am going to continue to read the series (especially because I’ve already bought it), but it certainly does show promise.  Maenads are next.  This should be interesting.


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