Dexter Season 3 Is Turning Out To Be Killer

There are only two instances in life where I can truly say I was on the edge of my seat when watching a movie or television program.  The first was during Lord Of The Rings.  As we sat in the theatre watching Frodo, Sam Merry and Pippln try to get to the Buckleberry Ferry the Black Riders suddenly appear and there’s a time when we are made to wonder if Frodo is going to be captured.  I had not read the books before and so knew nothing of what happened.  I was on the edge of my seat during that scene, making my (at the time) boyfriend laugh.


The second experience tonight was as I was watching the much anticipated second episode of the third season of Dexter.


Ever since I became obsessed with the show earlier this year I have been waiting, somewhat impatiently its true, for the third season of Dexter.  It started last Sunday.  And what a start it was!


Warning: Spoilers Follow!


Dexter is up to his old tricks, tracking a drug dealer who killed two girl and was released due to a police screw up.  When he goes to kill ‘Freebo’ there’s already someone there.  A struggle ensues and Dexter kills this mystery man.  That’s where his troubles begin as the victim turns out to be, not some nameless murderer, but a law enforcement officer and the brother of a powerful Assistant District Attorney, an abnormally observant man.


Dexter is troubled by this kill as he was not certain of who this man was.  He’s looking for something to ease his mind about the guilt of his victim.  The ADA, calling Dexter back to the scene of the crime, asks him about this investigation.  As usual Dexter is able to cover his tracks but knows he has to go careful with this man.


At the end of the show Dexter learns something else – Rita’s pregnant.


That was the way the first episode ended.  I was worried that the writers of the show were going to back out of the pregnancy thing (they still might I suppose) but so far they haven’t.  She is indeed pregnant and Dexter’s not handling it well.  He’s a good multi-tasker, but he might be at his limit, dealing with the news he might be a father, tracking down the escaped Freebo before the police find him, and avenging Freebo’s dead girlfriend Teegan.


He does find Freebo, but does not expect that the ADA is waiting outside the house to do the same thing that Dexter is inside doing – killing him.


I have to admit this is where I was sitting on the edge of my seat.  Dexter created his kill room in the detached garage.  He sees the ADA coming out from the house with a gun.  Dexter is in full killing garb and has Freebo tied up.  He quickly strips off his apron and pulls off his gloves.


How the hell is he going to get out of this – I wondered, barely able to breath.


He comes out with the knife that was used to kill Oscar – the ADA’s brother, saying that he killed Freebo in self defence.  Miguel (the ADA), who by this time has forged a connection with Dexter – says they’re going to hide the evidence and makes to go into the garage but Dexter tells him to leave (“plausible deniability”).  Miguel has first pulled him into a hug and gets blood on his shirt.  This is the last shot before the end of the show.


Oh My Goodness!


It misses something in my writing it out – but I was really sitting on the edge of my seat with this thinking how the – is he going to get out of this one?  And how the show’s ended the way it has I cannot freaking wait to see the next episode.  I do not understand in the slightest how the writers can keep making the show better and better every season.  The first season was great – the second season was better – but the third season seems to top it all.


The only issue I have is whether an ADA so intent on putting away criminals would turn so easily to covering up a crime.  But, to be fair, he’s come to appreciate Dexter and he was most definitely devastated by the murder of his brother.  I just hope that Miguel Prado doesn’t go the way of Doakes.


If I ever wanted to write for television – Dexter would be the show I would set my sights on – it is the gold standard for good – and interesting, easy to follow, writing.


Next Sunday cannot come soon enough at all!


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