Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card

At it’s most basic, Ender’s Game is a story about how fear can make us do irrational, and deadly things.


Ender Wiggin, a six year old genius is selected to attend Battle School – a place where everything is war games – preparing for the next great battle to save the world.  Ender is thought to be the one who can save them all and thus is pushed hard.  He succeeds and is advanced from Battle School to Command School where, we come to learn, he hasn’t been practicing – he’s been commanding actual forces against the buggers.  They defeat the buggers in the end, only to find out that they may not have been the enemy at all.


It seems quite American, this story.  By that I mean that the Americans are ready to give up their entire way of life to wage war on an enemy they haven’t got to know the first thing about.  It would certainly be interesting to see what had happened during the First Invasion – but I can imagine that entities that looked like ants would have lead to certain amounts of mass hysteria and then to war.


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