Harry, A History – Melissa Anelli

I was torn about whether I wanted to read this book or not.  It is a book about the Harry Potter fandom, not J.K. Rowling’s work.  I told myself that I didn’t care about the history of things like wizard rock but my curiosity got the better of me several times and I almost bought the book.  I canceled my order at least three times, but then I got the book for Christmas.


The very first chapter talks about how Melissa and Sue from The Leaky Cauldron site went through, waiting for the announcement of the release date fro Deathly Hallows.  From there the book bounces back and forth between the history of how Melissa got involved with Harry Potter in the first place, and how she came to work for and then run the famed HP news site.


I must admit there were certain things that seemed contrived to me, such as the tie into September 11.  Obviously I have no place to judge and I can understand how she must have reacted on that horrible day, but it seems odd to rely on online friends during such a day.  It does, however, speak to how supportive most of the fandom is.


I particularly liked the stories of how Harry Potter came to be published in the first place and the new information from J.K. Rowling (at least new to me).  I liked reading some of the excitement that sometimes seems to be lacking in the Harry Potter podcasts (from Melissa anyway).


I was so angry reading the chapter on Laura Mallory.  I can’t say how much of this had to do with Melissa’s writing as opposed to Mallory’s message.  One of the largest problems that I have with Laura Mallory is that she has not read the books.  She has been vociferously arguing that Harry Potter leads children to witchcraft and away from God, but she hasn’t opened a book because God told her not to?  Please.  She hasn’t read the books where the main message is love and fighting against the forces of evil> a book endorsed by most, if not all, of the Catholic church.  I think that proves she’s misguided.


Reading the last chapters of the book in which Deathly Hallows is finally released and red recalled to me my own feelings on finishing the book.  What happens now?  That was the question that was on my mind.  Knowing that Harry and his friends had been through and how their lives ended left a bit of a hole in my heart.  I haven’t been dwelling on it for eighteen months, but every time I think of it I remember that emptiness.  At least Harry got to live though, that’s a good thing.


So in the end, even though I didn’t want to read this book, I did enjoy it.  I guess she’s a good writer after all.  🙂


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