Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince Soundtrack

Time is a funny thing.  In many respects it seems like ages ago when I posted with my 99 days until Half-Blood Prince, but that was almost a year ago.  I’ve had the Half-Blood Prince countdown on my site since time immemorial.  On the flip side though, the eight month delay in the release of the sixth Potter movie – which looks AWESOME by the way – really seems to have flown by.  It doesn’t really seem that long ago that I was going to see Twilight (the stupid movie that was released in place of Half-Blood Prince, but rants about Stephenie Meyer are for elsewhere).


I’ve watched a fair few of the clips that have been released for the movie, and I’ve also acquired the soundtrack which tells me that I’m probably going to bawl at the end of this movie.  I just hope that Michael Gambon does his job.  He looks sufficiently calmer in this movie than he has been in the past, which can only help.


I’ve done an about face from Order of the Phoenix to Half-Blood Prince.  Where everyone was talking about the kissing scene I could have cared less, to be honest.  Even now I usually fast forward past that part when I watch the movie.  It’s boring.  Now, however, I cannot wait for the Harry/Ginny scene.  It might have something to do with the fact that I love Harry/Ginny.  But who can know these things for certain?


Speaking of Harry/Ginny, the piece from the soundtrack – When Ginny kissed Harry, has probably just surpassed A Window To The Past as my favorite song from all of the movies.  It is so beautiful and tender.  The whole soundtrack though is excellent.  I don’t know why people complain about Nicholas Hooper.  I think of the three composers that have worked on the Potter films his music is the best.  It’s not generic, and it’s not over the top like Patrick Doyle’s was.  But then of course everything about Goblet of Fire was over the top.  This is one of those soundtracks that is really worth the $12.



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