I Feel Another Rant Coming On

From September 5, 2008

Is today Friday the 13th or what?


Ok, it’s not I just checked.  Maybe it’s a full moon?




So what the hell is going on then?


Why all the short sentences you may ask?  Well, I wonder what has crawled up people’s asses today.  I had a plethora of stupid and bitchy people calling in to me at work today.  This combined with my self inflicted lack of sleep would have been quite enough for one day.  When I got home though it was to find more stupidity had flowed into our mailbox.


Let me backtrack a little and tell you a short story . . .


I have two dogs – a Beagle named Lou and a Bichon named Remus.  One day I was strolling along at my leisure with them when some older lady stops her van, rolls down her window and starts bitching.  It was some months ago so I can’t recall it verbatim but here’s the flavour:


“You going to pick up after those dogs?”


“Yes,” I said, somewhat nettled by her accusatory tone.


“Because people around here are getting annoyed with people not picking up after their dogs.  We shouldn’t have to clean it up.?


I, being the patient person I am, just rolled my eyes and started to walk away, feeling it would not be prudent to linger within striking distance of this woman.


“You got bags?” she called after me.


“Yes,” I called back, not breaking my stride, nor turning back. “Don’t assume.”


That’s it, end of story.  But I think that my mum and stepdad have had similar encounters.  In any case, we always pick up after our dogs.  Disgusting as it may be, those are the unfortunate joys of owning a pet.  Then today we get a letter from our “community management.‘  It read thus:


It has been brought to my attention by several tenants, that when your 2 dogs are walked in our community, the

person(s) walking your dogs are not cleaning up after then.  This is in breach of our Community Rules and

Regulations, which state, in part . . .


It might seem like a small thing to get so worked up about but this is coming on the heels of all kinds of other crap in this community.  You know I feel like I’m on Days of our lives or something.


I have several problems with this letter.  First, the “It has been brought to my attention” signifies there is no direct observation by the letter writer; therefore I would have written the line a little different.  Perhaps more like “We have been made aware of a breach of our rules and regulations.  Several tenants have brought forward concerns that . . . ”  I would then continue on in the same vein as the letter – reminding about the rules and regulations etc.  This letter ends with the edict “Please insure that bags are brought with you on all dog walks, and to clean up the dog’s feces immediately after the fact.”


Well, duh.


But I would have ended it on a more polite note.  I would have written the following – “As per our policies please insure that any feces are promptly removed during the walk.  If you are already doing so, thank you for your cooperation.”




Sorry, it just irks me that they are being almost blatantly rude here with ‘evidence that is circumstantial at best.  That’s not even taking into account the fact that it is a complete falsehood.  There are a grand total of three people who take the dogs for a walk and I know with absolute certainty that they all pick up after the dogs.


This crap, combined with some woman bitching to Norm this morning about dogs barking at other dogs (she was trying to sleep at 8 in the morning.  Even if it was because she worked midnights you have to expect that most people don’t and don’t know your schedule.  When you work those off hours you have to expect life is going to go on without you!) – something that’s unavoidable unless you live in a fucking glass bubble and never see the other dogs at all – just really gets under my skin.  I understand that not all people like dogs.  I don’t much like flowers but I don’t go bitching because people have flowers all over their yard and the petals fall off and don’t get picked up.


Everyone should take up a challenging task like learning to play an instrument, learning a new language, reading voraciously, or something – keeps their minds occupied which in turn means they’re not bored and it keeps them the hell away from making up rubbish stories because they have nothing else to do.


Stop! Really!



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