Inkheart – Cornelia Funke

Reading can be a depressing pass time, especially when the book that you’re reading is an ingenious one that you yourself wish you could have written.


Inkheart is a story I only heard of because it was made into a movie, and a book I was itching to read since I watched the movie.  As usual the written word was better than that captured on film, but I think that both were well told.  Philosophically speaking, they do address the danger of the written word in a fantastical way.  How scary would it be to read The Exorcist aloud and have the devil come out of it?  Or Sauron?  Or Voldemort?  Or spiders of any size?


Fenoglio, the writer of the book Inkheart which started this whole mess, is a very interesting character to me.  He seems immensely fascinated at the idea that his characters have come to life.  Only very slowly does he realize the damage he has done by making his characters the way he had.  This reminds me of Emma Thompson’s character in Stranger Than Fiction.  Both Fenoglio and Thompson are given a new view of reality when they see the real-life manifestations of their written word.  Suddenly they are hesitant to write about death and cruelty in such a flippant way.  What makes for good reading tends to be that which we would not want to experience in our own lives.


This is the first book in a trilogy.  Since Funke killed off the main villain, my guess is that Basta and Magpie will take up his cause in the next books which I now need to read!


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