Mariah Carey’s Obsessed

From June 17, 2009

Before I get on with some comments on Mariah’s latest single I must refer back to an earlier post about pop music.  I refer to this merely for the fact that I was reading some comments on and other sites.  There isn’t really a consensus on this song but I think that people are divided along lines as to whether they love or hate Mariah.  There are few impartial judges out there.  Oh and for the record I don’t consider myself impartial.


I’m of two minds on this song.


  1. On first hearing the song I admit that I was a little disappointed.  If there is one thing that Mariah Carey has shown consistency in it is following the musical trends.  These days most of the R&B songs are auto-tuned, mid-tempo cookie cutters.  To be honest I can’t tell Beyonce from Rihanna from Ciara from whoever else.  I was disappointed to find that Mariah again went the way of the trend rather than bucking it.  However she’s obviously in the music business to make money so I can’t blame her for it, really.  She can preach artistry all she wants but no one who’s sole focus is artistry would have amassed the success that she has.
  2. Having said that, the sound of the song might not be different from other R&B songs out there but I don’t recall ever hearing auto-tuned Mariah before.  In fact I don’t remember hearing a song of this type from he.  The “dis” songs have been there as far back as her Rainbow album (“Did I Do That”, “Clown”?  Hello, people).  And I can’t really fault her for coming out with this song at a time when it was merely weeks ago that this old conflict with Eminem rose up again.


I read one of the comments saying that this whole song was a press grab.  Well Duh!  Do they not find the same to be true of Eminem.  I highly doubt that he just plucked the idea about writing of Mariah out of thin air.  With all the publicity over her marriage I’m sure he thought that this was a good opportunity to snag some press for his new album – bring up the past you know.  And why shouldn’t she benefit from it too?  Whatever their true feelings are (or are not) for each other this is a game of PR, pure and simple.


Nuff said.  I’m going back to listen to Obsessed.


Cheers, Sabrina


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