Marked – P.C. & Kristin Cast

A strange thing happened regarding this book.  I purchased it at Zellers, having heard nothing about it previous but finding it interesting.  Just a few days later I saw these two writers on Rachel Ray talking about the series and how it is going to be turned into a movie.  Here comes another Twilight, right?




One of the biggest problems I have with the Twilight series is Stephenie Meyer’s lack of plot.  I don’t think that Marked suffers this as much.  Nor does it suffer as much of the saccharine or melodramatic moments that Meyer’s series did.  In fact, for a story tailored to teens there were several rather adult moments.  Unfortunately those rather adult moments are fairly consistent with teenagers today.


Zoey is marked and told she must attend the House of Night, a vampyre finishing school, when we first meet her.  Her mother and stepfather don’t take this well causing Zoey to flee to her grandmother’s.  During this flight she falls and hits here head and has an experience with the goddess Nyx, the matriarch of the House of Night.  Thereafter Zoey discovers that her change into a vampyre is proceeding quicker than her fellow classmates and she soon comes to discover that she has a natural affinity for the elements.   In the course of her time at the school she develops some great friendships and overthrows Aphrodite, the leader of the Dark Daughters – the in group at that school.


I was shocked but impressed with this story.  I don’t think it has the heart of Harry Potter, but I love the mythology – Nyx and the native religious aspects.  I also like the fact that neither of the Casts shied away from the more disturbing aspects of teenage behaviour – particularly fellacio.  That was the most unexpected.  And of that particular instance I was intrigued by the fact that it was the girl, Aphrodite, who was forcing herself on the boy rather than the reverse.


All in all I really think that Stephenie Meyer could take some lessons from the Casts in terms of plot development.  I will read more of this series to be sure.


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