Stillwatch – Mary Higgins Clark

This is one of those books I’ve had kicking around for I don’t know how long and since I’m trying to read in all sorts of genres I finally got around to reading this one.  Though I can’t say I was absolutely blown away by the ingenuity of Clark’s writing, it was certainly a page turner, and it was pleasing to know that I actually had some idea about where the story was going.


Patricia Traymore arrives in Washington DC to produce a television show on Abigail Jennings, a long-time Senator from Virginia.  We come to learn that Senator Jennings may have a darker past than what we are led to believe, and Patricia is sucked into it.


Clark’s writing allows you to guess somewhat early on who the culprits are, but you don’t come to understand their full motivation until the end of the novel, which is as it should be.  (Do you hear that Stephenie Meyer?)  Throughout the book the reader is left wondering if the Senator had any involvement in the deaths of her husband and others.  Was she the one who framed a young aide?  And what on earth is her connection to Patricia Traymore, beyond the documentary that is?


I only wish I would have read this book before I started writing The Cursed Tattoo.  It would have helped me write it better.  And since I enjoy the suspense of such novels as this, I can be certain of reading more Mary Higgins Clark in the future.


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