Tempted – P.C. & Kristin Cast

In this sixth book of the House of Night series we find Zoey and her friends dealing again with the aftermath of a great battle between Kalona and Neferet.  This time, however, we do start to see some progress in the overall story.


Having originally heard that nothing much happened in this book I was less enthusiastic to purchase it than I had been the other stories in the series, waiting months to do so.  I am glad that I did, however, for it shows us again that Zoey is not perfect.  It was important to make this point because of all the attention she gets, especially from males.  High Priestess in training is the title she adopted for many of the earlier novels, and this one shows that she still has a long way to go yet.


The death of Heath was a great delight to me, and that’s saying something because I love the idea of a teenage romance.  Literally speaking I think it did serve several purposes: to have Zoey experience real and true loss, to demonstrate Kalona’s power, and to show that humans are weak (most especially when they are alone).  Ultimately though, I just thought that Heath was an annoying character.  I much prefer the suffer in silence type to the in yo face type of character (All You Need Is Love notwithstanding).


I do like the Kalona and Rephaim storylines.  Though I will not pretend to know exactly where the Casts are going with this story, I see both Kalona and his son as representing that dark passenger (if you will) that lives inside all of us.  There are very few people who are all good or all bad and even those who have performed so many horrible acts can be redeemed.  Rephaim showed some of this when he rescued Stevie Rae (a name I still hate by the way!).  And I truly believe that the memories that Zoey was shown from Kalona about his regret were true.  Of course he’s going to lie to Neferet.


All in all I can’t wait to see what happens in the next House of Night book.



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