The Bad Part of Obsessions

It seems redundant to say that J.K. Rowling will have a hard time moving past Harry Potter, especially because Harry will be in the back of every reader’s mind when they pick up one of her books. It is therefore hardly surprising that she released her second non-Harry book under a new pseudonym: Robert Galbraith.


I am only halfway through Cuckoo right now so I will save more in-depth commentary until I’ve finished. I feel compelled to write now, though, because of the inevitable comparisons between this book and Harry Potter. Oh, not in the story structure itself, other than some phrasing choices that do ring true to Harry, but rather in the character of Cormoran Strike himself. He reminds me very strongly of Mad-Eye Moody.


I think the first comparison really comes in the physical description of the missing leg. What is it with this woman and chopping off legs? But more so in the character. Mr. Strike does not seem to me a carbon copy of Moody, but I cannot stop myself thinking as I read, that Moody would have been well suited to PI work if he hadn’t gone all unhinged.


Strike is described as a large and rather intimidating man, somewhat unkempt (as I expect most if not all PIs to be). I think it is this general grizzled appearance that makes me think of Moody. I do not mind that J.K. is writing non-Harry Potter fiction, I don’t mind at all, but if she were ever thinking of writing something – Moody Chrnicles would be awesome. I’m only saying!


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