When In Rome – Gemma Townley

As if we don’t have enough books in our house we have neighbours bringing us books.  One of these books was When In Rome by Gemma Townley.  It was a short book and from the description on the back it seemed like a light and interesting one as well.  Sometimes you can judge a book by it’s cover.


Georgie Beauchamp works in the research department at a small UK publishing company.  She’s with a great guy named David but still harbors feelings for her ex-boyfriend Mike.  After two years he appears out of the blue and wants to get involved with her again.  She goes along with him, merely to prove that she’s over him.  Things do not go as planned and she ends up realizing she’s not in love with Mike anymore and that she has messed things up with David.  Through some law breaking and bravery Georgie is able to rectify her mistakes and all’s well that ends well.


My thoughts on this book:


I love David!  Here again, though, is a typical example of the good guy getting screwed over.  He’s the one that does things for her to keep her safe because he cares about her but all she can think about is the one who treats her like crap.  Frankly I think that David’s reaction when George took the disk wasn’t strong enough.  I realize that he loves her and so is willing to forgive a lot of what she had done, but . . . I don’t know, I just couldn’t stand some of the things Georgie did.  I could see where she was being completely stupid.


There were so many things that I called in this story.  At first I thought that David was following Georgie to keep her safe, but then I had a feeling that he was there for something to do with Mike.  When someone comments that they don’t trust another person in the story that’s a pretty big giveaway that they’re not in one place for no reason.  I also had Mike’s mob connections correct.  I had a feeling that he was going to be in debt to them.  The bullocks on that guy though . . . to walk away with the Mafia’s money?  Oooh, I would have loved to see if they got ahold of him in lock up.


The one thing that I did not see coming was Candy.  When she said that she was pregnant I thought for sure that it was Mike’s, and she did say that at first but this was recanted later.  It turns out that she was not pregnant at all, just thought she was.  I had really begun to hate her for walking off with her friend’s boyfriend.  Then again, Mike is quite the charmer and so I could see how things would go.  I mean, she already fancied the guy and he could obviously turn on the charm.


One of the last things that I want to comment on is the setting of the novel.  Oh My Goodness!  What I wouldn’t give to live in Europe.  I like that we got to see Londoners going about their daily business.  We here in North America tend to see Europe as some glamorous and mysterious place to visit.  I know that I, and I am sure there are others, don’t tend to think of British people as being couch potatos, or lax in their work ethic, but Georgie is both.  Just reading about London and Rome though . . . I have to say that and David are what made the book for me.


I might just have to read Gemma’s booik Little White LIes now.


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