The Penultimate Penultimate

It’s sort of like Christmas Eve Eve.  I wrote somewhere recently about how excited I was to finish writing my latest fan fiction.  Chapter fourteen of Woes of Ginny Weasley is the last of the ‘chapters’ but there is an epilogue coming.  I’ve written most of the epilogue and did a pretty good job on a first draft of chapter fifteen so I’m hoping that it won’t take a million years to update as it has with the others. 


OK I guess I wasn’t as compelte as I thought, but that’s only because I changed my mind.  If I had kept things as is, I woudl have everything posted now.  Unlike blog posts, which I write as a stream of consciousness and only later edit when I find something totally wrong, I am a notroious editor of stories.  I can’t count how many forests I’ve killed – bad me – over just one chapter alone. 


Dead forests aside, I am still excited that Chapter Fourteen is now up for viewing.  It can be read right here.


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