Evolution Vs. Creationism

Instead of editing my latest chapter of Woes, I was on Facebook and read a post about how the UK has now disallowed the teaching of creationism in science class.


First of all, yay UK.  Thanks for not following the U.S. route and taking giant step backwards (as it happening in some southern states).  Secondly, the comments that this  Facebook post generated were hilarious and troubling in equal measure.  The very idea that this matter is even being debated spells doom for our society.


Just to be clear, I do not think that creationism as it is should be banned from being taught, dumb theory though it is.  Something that has no basis in fact, and has actually been disproven by science – the thing that most creationists don’t understand anyway – has no business being taught alongside science.  Creationism, if it must be propagated, should  be taught in theology classes.


Do I know for sure that evolution has all the answers, and creationism none?  No, not entirely.  Could we turn out to be wrong, or at least ill-informed in the end?  Absolutely.  The problem with the whole evolution vs creationism debate from the side of the creationists is that they don’t understand the fundamentals of science.  Part of the reason for this is misunderstanding on both sides (though definitely more heavily weighted on the creationist side).  One of the biggest fundamentals of science is the scientific method which tests and retests theories and hypotheses.  If something is not empirically proven it is discarded.  Evolution has been empirically proven.  Darwin’s theory has been shown to be accurate over 150 years.  Does it mean that 150 years from now we’ll still believe absolutely the same thing?  No it does not.  That, I think is a poorly explained part of the scientific method.  Part of the reason it is poorly explained, though, is the fact that creationists are so close-minded and insecure in their own ridiculous beliefs that they cannot accept that they might be wrong.


I hope that clears up my position on the ridiculous debate.



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