Why I Love Veronica Mars.

In case my absolute obsession with Harry Potter hasn’t already made this plain, I think you ought to know that I have penchant for stories geared towards a younger audience.  That is not to say that I like said stories in favour of more mature stories (like a lot written by G.R.R. Martin,  for instance).  It seems to me that, for all of their faults, the stories written for a younger audience are more creative, more engaging, and while they may deal with disturbing issues (think The Hunger Games) they definitely present their ideas in a more readable manner.  It was this tendency, combined with some positive reviews of the show, that drew me to Veronica Mars in the first place.

To me, Veronica Mars is just as good as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and is even more impressive for the fact that it is not relying on any kind of magic or supernatural phenomena as part of it’s appeal.  It disappoints me that the show did not do as well as, say, The Vampire Diaries, because it is a vastly better show.  The continuing drama with Logan aside, Veronica Mars does not (at did not at the time) pander to the teenage audience the way that a lot of young adult fiction does.  I cannot say for sure, but perhaps that was part of the reason that the show did not do as well.  It was a show where you had to think and couldn’t just mindlessly watch it.  Whatever the reason, it is a disappointment that it only lasted for three years.

I must confess that I was not one of the people who helped to fund the Veronica Mars movie, because I only became obsessed with the show this year, thanks to Netflix, but I do appreciate it.  The move was just as good as the show ever was.  In fact, I would say it improved.  How easy would it have been to continue on with the same sort of storyline that came from the show and it’s teenage audience?  Instead, especially because the actors have all aged, Rob Thomas chose to actually have time pass and presented a stronger story for it.

It may have been on IMDB, or somewhere else, where I read a review of the Veronica Mars movie, where it was said that this could easily lend to future projects.  After finishing a second viewing of the movie, I went in search of information about potential future projects.  Wikipedia being the awesome site it is, I learned very quickly that there are novels being written now.  Novels.  Could this news be any better?  The show was great, the movie equally so, but I am and will forever be a lover of words.  The idea that a beloved character’s story will now continue in my own preferred story format?  This news is as exciting (almost) as if J.K. Rowling were to decide to write another Harry Potter novel.


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