Hate the Haters

It seems that most of my blog posts these days start out because of something I read on facebook. This one is no different.

I will start by saying that I understand the fear and outrage that people feel over the shooting at Parliament in Ottawa on Wednesday, but that does not mean that we should resort to violence.  I do not know if the vandalism at the mosque in Cold Lake, Alberta was a result of the shooting, but the timing seems very convenient.  Stupid fucking racist morons.  How.  HOW do you think that you are going to accomplish anything by telling people to go home.  What the hell does that even mean anyway?  As I posted earlier this week, Canada is a cultural mosaic, supposedly friendly country, and yet we’re filled with racist, bigoted morons who think the answer to complicated political problems is to vandalize the property of innocent people.  I really and truly hope that the those morons who used spray paint to deface that mosque in Alberta are caught and charged.  And for the people who came out to help clean up that act of ignorance – I applaud you whole heartedly.  Thank you.  THANK YOU for taking the time to help, and for your example of decency.

This evening I read on Facebook another idiotic post about banning the burqua.  Like that would stop anything, truly.  REMEMBER MORONS THAT THESE ARE POLITICAL ISSUES, NOT CULTURAL ONES.  You are not displaying a sensible, reasoned argument with such a suggestion, but rather your prejudice and complete idiocy.  Personally I am embarrassed to even call myself a human being alongside such people. Ridiculous. I suppose I should expect nothing less from people – and it is always the same people – who are ranting about how they’re being denied the right to celebrate Christmas.  Utter nonsense.

I do not truly hate very many things, but I truly hate the very intolerance that I have sen displayed on facebook and otherwise over the last week.  Some might say that it is just vitriol born of the shock and terror of the shootings.  We must be careful, however, because, as Maester Luwin says “Too easily words of war become acts of war.”  The very beliefs that people hold are very rarely changed, but if we allow such things to go unchecked, too often they can spill over into actual deeds, and we can potentially expose ourselves to more atrocities (has has been seen time and time again with all of the mass shootings in the U.S.)  Come on people, we as Canadians are better than this.




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