Resolutions – No – Goals – No – Hopes For The New Year

What better time to write a post about the New Year then 11 days into it.  Come to think of it, it fits me perfectly.  Me, the perpetual editor.  I have already edited my 2015 goal.  I find that I cannot set goals like saving more or exercising more (those are always implicit at the start of any new year), but rather I must set goals or resolutions that might possibly be achievable.

Had you asked me 12 days ago, I would have told you that my goal for this year was not to buy any more books.  The number of books I have is well into the 4 digit range.  How on earth am I to ever read those books, considering that new books from favourite authors come out and go to the top of the list?

Third paragraph, and already a second edit.  I should have said that my goal was two pronged at the start of this year: not to buy any new books, and to read all of the published Stephen King works.  On the second count I’m well on my way.  Reading chronologically, I am already at The Shining (book 3) so things are progressing quite well.

Come to think of it, this very goal or resolution of not buying new books was redrafted before the start of the year.  You see, I should have realized from the first that I would have a problem keeping to the resolution of not buying any new books.  I did not have all of the Stephen King books.  (I do now, which is how the first draft of the resolution failed).

A part of the resolution still remains.  My visa is starting to sag under the expense of all of these books, so I am going to stiffen my resolve to not purchase any new books.  Instead, 11 days into the new year, I have now decided that a much worthier goal or resolution will be to write a first draft of an entirely original story.  Short story, novel, novella?  Who is to say?  As long as it is not another stupid fan fiction.  I love Harry Potter, still, but if I ever want to possibly write something worthy of publication, I must stretch that ill-used creative muscle.


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