From This Writer’s Notebook

There are noticeable differences between a good writing day:


And a not so good writing day:


As you can tell, the success of a day’s writing is directly proportionate to the number of crappy doodles in the margins. More doodles equals less words. And yes you could make the argument that more words doesn’t necessarily mean more Quality writing, but it does still mean more writing is getting done, and therefore things are more likely getting finished. I’m only sayin’

Perhaps this is only something that interests me, but it amuses me to look back over my writing. A good day of writing means that everything is written in roughly the same style of handwriting, is likely barely legible, and unless my pen dies, is written in the same color ink. If handwriting changes style, or the pen I’m using changes frequently, I know that there were motivational issues. It may not be a diary or journal itself, but Penn color or handwriting style is like a mood journal. It’s kind of cool, in a geeky sort of way.


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