The Madness of Tobias Sinclair

A  story at least three years in the making, and still undergoing some construction and remodelling, I have finally written what will probably be the first chapter.  It is posted here to read.  A caution: with all construction there are bound to be unexpected bumps ahead, and plans may need to change.  Please feel free to comment.  Re-reading may be required as more is written.

Synopsis: In the nine years since Bellatrix Lestrange’s death, Harry and Ginny Potter have moved on with their lives, and have the life they always wanted. When Harry is called in to catch a murderous dark wizard, his past comes back and threatens to destabilize their entire family. (Post-Woes of Ginny Weasley).

As always, feedback is great . . . I think.  I’ve also posted the first two paragraphs below to whet the appetite.

The country had been in the grip of an unrelenting heat wave for the better part of a month with no end in sight.  It was an oppressive heat that drained energy and made people irritable.  Such weather was only suitable for beach or poolside holidays with the option of tall, ice-cold drinks, and afternoon siestas, but many Britons did not have these options.  They instead moved sluggishly through their daily grind and returned home with hopes of reprieve through an evening shower, or a northern breeze.  Their hopes diminished; evenings were as unbearably humid as the days, making sleep an uncomfortable and near impossible venture.  Things were no different at a house in Cambridge where Ginny Potter lay awake, covers thrown off, staring at the ceiling.  She, at least, would have probably been away even without the heat.  It was nearly impossible for her to sleep when her husband was not home.

The heat, and its precipitating irritability, had lead to a sharp increase in crime, both magical and Muggle, particularly in London, where Harry Potter was at that moment negotiating a dodgy alley.  It was a narrow, poorly lit alley, filled with rubbish grown fetid in the heat.  Flies were everywhere.  Derelict items and decaying debris created an obstacle course of sorts and it was taking more than the usual amount of time and effort for Harry to move through that alley with any sort of stealth.  Lighting his wand might have helped, but he dared not do it.  His certainty was growing with every step, but he was not yet entirely convinced that the vampire had brought the boy down this particular alley.  Until he was sure, he was not going to unnecessarily tip his hand.

 To read more, please click here.

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