The Madness of Tobias Sinclair, Update 1 (Chapter Two

I have started to write this post before the chapter is publishable.  It is an overly long chapter (27 pages, double spaced) and is perhaps a little wordy for it.  My other criticism is that there’s not a huge amount of conflict, which I know is a no-no in fiction, however I would submit to you that it is still an important chapter, based on what’s to happen later.  Or, I shouldn’t say that there is little conflicts that will likely blow up to be large ones later on.  It is important that we have a firm basis for Harry’s later conflict.

I am super stoked that I have finally been able to get a second chapter written for this story.  I’ve written several versions of the first chapter over the last three years, none except the published one are fit for viewing.  I have even written the opening paragraphs to chapter two on at least one other occasion, however I have never even come close to finishing the second chapter.  And I think, as far as the writing goes now, that this chapter came out better than nI thought it would (even though there is too much walking about and sitting down).  I have linked to the chapter here, and will update with text in the next day or so (if everything goes according to plan).  Reviews are always welcome.


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