About Me & About this Site

Hello and welcome to the shiny new: sabrinaneumann.com.  I am Sabrina, to be clear.  I live in Winnipeg, Canada, am known for taking on twelve thousand tasks at a time and completing none of them.  I must have at least a dozen stories that want to be written, but have not been.  What takes up my time other than writing?  At the moment: 2 cats and three dogs, aging mother, step-father and grandmother.  Preparing for more family to move into our house, with another dog and two cats.  I am studying for the LSAT, because at my bright old age of older than 30, younger than 50, I have decided that Law might be a backup option if this writing thing does not work out.


I am not a new blogger.  I have been dabbling in this medium for at least twelve years, though very inconsistently if truth be told.  Even this blog has been around for six years (where does the time go?).  It is being completely revamped and updated.  On this page you will find my original writings both scholarly and fiction, old blog posts I was particularly found of, and new blog posts about writing.


I have been writing since I was six years old and had to tell a story about why we have bends in the road.  Writing has been a passion of mine, but never one that I thought I could truly make a living from.  Over the last twelve years (seriously – where does the time go?) I have primarily been writing Harry Potter fan fiction.  It started out as a way to pass the time as I waited impatiently for the final Potter book.  And since then I can’t seem to shut up and get out of that world.  I must though, if I ever want to tru


This new and revamped blog exists for two purposes.  The first is for me to post my writings that are not ready for prime time.  The blog will be the place where I share my struggles and successes, tips and other interesting items as I discover them.  I welcome your feedback and contributions always.



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